Tank & Flatbed Wagon
Build Guide

Packing List

Body Parts

Tank Valve Cap x1

Tank End Plates x2

Tank x1

Bottom x1

Chassis Parts

Subframe x1

Side Rail x2

Buffer Beam x2

Buffer Half x4

Wheel x4

Axle x2

Bushing x4

Instructions for building the chassis can be found here.

Detail Parts

Brake Parts

General Assembly

Glue the tank vale cap in place as shown here (freehand - by eye).
In this mockup the cap is approx. 12mm from the tank end & centred.

Attach the tank end so it is flush on all sides.
Repeat this for the opposite end panel.

Once completed the tank will drop into the recess on the base plate.
Apply glue to the rim, locate and allow to dry.

Completed View

Mouse over to explode.