Standard 32/45mm Chassis
Build Guide

Packing List

Chassis Parts

Subframe x1

Side Rail x2

Buffer Beam x2

Buffer Half x4

Wheel x4

Axle x2

Bushing x4

Detail Parts

Brake Parts

Part Orientation

Buffer Beam

The four mounting holes on the inside of the buffer beam must be towards the top for correct rail spacing.

General Assembly

Information about pressing the bushings into the side rails and assembling the wheels/axles can be found in the general Assembly Guide here.

Due to the rapid "grab" time of superglue it is possible to assemble the chassis in one process and allow to fully dry, the below steps are only a guide.

Assembly on a sturdy flat surface is advised to ensure correct geometry of the finished model, at each stage ensure parts are square and level.

01. Assemble & glue the subframe and a buffer beam.

02. Place the axle sets into one side rail.

03. Glue the side rail onto the subframe assembly.

04. Add the other side rail and glue to the subframe assembly.

05. Add the second buffer beam to finish frame assembly.

Completed View

Mouse over to explode.