5-Plank Wagon
Build Guide

Packing List

Body Parts

Side (Outer Half) x2

Side (Inner Half) x2

End (Outer Half) x2

End (Inner Half) x2

Bottom x1

Chassis Parts

Subframe x1

Side Rail x2

Buffer Beam x2

Buffer Half x4

Wheel x4

Axle x2

Bushing x4

Instructions for building the chassis can be found here.

Detail Parts

Brake Parts

Part Orientation

3/4 Planks

3/4 planks always go to the bottom.

Strap Detail

Strap details always start from or taper towards the bottom.

General Assembly

Each side wall consists an outer and inner half.
Glue the halves as shown here paying attention to correct orientation.

The top surfaces should be flush while the other three edges have equal gaps.
Repeat this assembly for each of the four sides.

Once completed these gaps will interlock at the corners.
This provides added strength through increased glue contact area.

Completed View

Mouse over to explode.